Mazzer Super Jolly Coffee Grinder

The professional espresso grinder Mazzer Super Jolly Electronic grinds the coffee directly in the espresso machine’s portafilter, you always get freshly ground coffee for your espresso!

The control panel is located on top of the grinder and you can choose between single or double dose. In addition, there is a button for manual mode; the grinder grinds as long as the button is held down.

The single and double dose function can be fine-tuned, so you get exactly the amount of coffee you want. The digital display is also equipped with a shot counter. The menu is extremely user-friendly and it is not a problem to change the grinding time.

Many cafes prefer the Mazzer Super Jolly, but the grinder is also popular in private homes, as the grinding blades grind coffee for a double espresso in just 8-9 seconds.

Mazzer Super Jolly is very quiet in use, so it’s possible to keep the discussion going even though the mill is grinding coffee. The sound from the grinder is almost “turbine-like” and gives an impression of high-class mechanics.

Static electricity, which is a problem with many coffee grinders, is not an issue for the Super Jolly, as all electrical parts are completely insulated from the metal parts of the grinder. The bean container holds up to 1.2 kg coffee beans and has a smart bottom, which makes it possible to remove the container for filling, even if it is not emptied


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